YouTuber Merchandise: A Definitive Guide (2020)

YouTuber merch

Merchandise (or merch) as you call it, is one of the best things humanity has ever been blessed with.  If you watch a YouTuber, follow a social media influencer or have preferences for websites and blogs that you read, one of the best ways to show your support is by buying the merchandise. When a […]

Improve Organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate): 11 NEW strategies

improve organic ctr

One of the most efficient strategies to enable good SEO on your blog is to improve the CTR of your entire website. In fact, over the past few years, CTR has become one of the most important factors for search engines to rank content based on relevancy. This means the more relevant a title and […]

Social media marketing trends 2020: 7 LATEST strategies

social media marketing trends 2020

Social media is continuously evolving. With different kinds of apps that keep us engaged, there’s a constant battle between businesses as to who is going to dominate. Over the course of a few years, social media has changed so much that it’s hard to keep up. The ads that used to appear once a while […]